Meet Gerald Trass

IMG_3415NAME: Gerald Trass

FROM: Masterton

MOTORSPORT BACKGROUND: I have been a motorsport fan since I first watched go-karts at Avondale in the late 1960’s. I enjoyed going to Pukekohe when the Falcon GTHO’s were battling with Holden Monaro’s and Chrysler Chargers in the early 70’s. I had my first race two years ago in my Ferrari F430 Challenge. I really enjoyed it and have raced several times since. I also own a 2K Cup car and it has been a huge buzz racing it with my brother and a few mates.

MOTORSPORT HEROES: I respect all drivers but enjoyed the careers of Denny Hulme, Jochen Rindt, Ayrton Senna, Jim Richards, and David Oxton.

TRACK CARS: Ferrari 458 Speciale, 458 Italia GT3, F430 Challenge, Honda Integra.

DREAM CAR: For the track, FXX Ferrari. For the road, Enzo Ferrari. For the garage, GTHO Phase 3.

WHAT ARE YOUR MOTORSPORT AMBITIONS: To continue racing for as long as I enjoy it.

HOW AND WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO BECOME A MEMBER AT HAMPTON DOWNS? It made sense as I live in a Hampton Downs apartment and enjoy getting out on the track. I agree with the changes Tony Quinn is making at the circuit to make it a world class track and want to be a part of it going forward.
WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF MEMBERSHIP: The main one is access to track days. Since joining I have met many other members and it is a great group of people. It is a fraternity of people who love cars and enjoy being on a track. The members lounge is well equipped and a good place to hang out. The Hampton Downs crew also provide a pleasant atmosphere, are open to new ideas and are keen to see the club develop in a positive manner. I would recommend it to anyone who is a motorsport fan.

July 20, 2016

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