Popular Car & Bike show goes virtual with $25,000 prize pool

The popular Hampton Downs Caffeine and Gasoline Car and Bike show and its regular Auto Addict enthusiast events have gone on-line to the virtual world with a $25,000 prize pool.

Split into three categories, entrants will have one month to submit photos or videos which will be judged on-line with the winners announced in early December.

The Auto Addict category calls for images or video of entrants drifting in their machine, putting their 4WD to the test, or getting it sideways on the Hampton Downs' wet skid pan.

The Caffeine & Gasoline car and bike show category calls for static images or video of entrants’ cars or bikes, across multiple classes.

The third category is TikTok My Ride, a novel idea where people produce and post videos of themselves, family and friends, which include their car or bike, on the En Vogue new social platform that has taken the world by storm.

“Given the current environment we have come up with a concept we hope will provide people with a little enjoyment and a chance to showcase their vehicles to a large audience, without having to attend our events we normally run as a given,” said Hampton Downs Commercial Manager, Mike Marsden.

"We must stress that only legal drifts or skids will be included in this competition.”

"All entries must be sent to us by private message and we will upload all the qualifying entries to our Auto Addict and relevant Caffeine & Gasoline albums on the Hampton Downs Facebook page."

The final category is for TikTok entries with the submissions featuring cars and bikes.

The $25,000 prize pool will be allocated for the best drift, best skid and best 4WD demonstration plus each car and bike show category will win a prize.

There will also be a Peoples' Choice award featuring five finalists from each category with the winner declared by the greatest number of Facebook 'likes'.

"With the current Covid restrictions preventing us from having our usual Hampton Downs Caffeine and Gasoline Car and Bike Show and Auto Addict events we've taken the step to go on-line'" added Marsden.

"We expect this to be hugely popular and we're glad we can not only interact with our car and bike owners in this novel way, but also showcase these show-stopping machines for the fans to engage with on-line."

To find out more, and to enter, go to https://www.hamptondowns.com/virtual-car-show-auto-addict-online.

Entries for all three categories, Auto Addict, Caffeine and Gasoline Car and Bike Show and the TikTok Your Ride close at 1pm on Friday 26th November with all winners announced on 7th December 2021.


Contact: Mike Marsden  027 3669445