Track Day Introductory Driver Training

This half-day driver training package will equip you with a basic knowledge of how to get your car around a racetrack safely and efficiently. You will also learn how to look after your car when putting it through its paces on track. Furthermore, you will get the tick for your track day insurance provider once you have completed this course.

The course includes:

  1. Classroom session to get you ready for the track
  2. A check of your vehicle and advice re suitability and use of your car on-track
  3. Instruction in modern braking procedures
  4. One on One driver training (Pro Driver providing advice from the passenger seat while doing laps of the track).
  5. Track time for you you to practice what you’ve learned.
  6. Debrief and sign-off to conclude the session.

Price: $595 + GST per person (Maximum of 5 people per half-day session)

All safety gear will be provided.

This experience is offered on varied days – click on BOOK IT to check availability.



$ 595+GST
Per Person


  • Driver Licence restrictions apply and a minimum of a valid NZ Restricted Licence is required to participate.
  • As you drive your own car on track, all participants are advised to confirm with their insurance provider that there is the appropriate insurance cover in place prior to participating in the Track Day Driver Training programme.