HD Moto Track Day Information

Important details relating to your booking for Hampton Downs Moto Days:

Arrival time:

  • Gates open at 6:45am
  • Sign in begins at 7:30am

Please ensure you arrive as close as possible to that time, so you are ready for your first on-track session. If you have not arrived on or near this time, we cannot guarantee you will be on-track for your first session.

  • Sign in must be complete prior to your bike check
  • Sign in and bike check is completed out of garage 17/18 so please bring your bike with you to sign in

Groups sign in priority is as follows. (This is so you can attend your briefing on time and be ready for your first session).

  • Yellow & Green - sign in from 7:00am and continue to bike check
  • Blue & Red - sign in from 7:30am and continue to bike check

First time participants:

If you are a first time participant to HD Moto Experience days you will have to book into the Red group.

What does a Red group day look like?

Riders in the Red group are new riders or riders that are not ready to move up to the next group. They will have up to 6 x 15 min sessions on track during the day. Trainers will be riding with you and providing guidance and feedback after every morning session. The trainer will ‘sign’ you off to move up to the next group.

Bike Check:

Your motorcycle will need to pass mechanical examination. If your motorcycle is deemed unsafe to ride, you will not be allowed to continue with the day. There are no refunds or reschedules if this situation arises. Options which would allow you to continue are: 1. To repair your motorcycle to required specifications & re bike check.

Briefing time:

All riders must be present for the compulsory morning safety briefing. Any rider who does not attend will not be allowed on-track until another briefing can be arranged for you. Safety must come first, and all riders must obey set regulations. At all times, Hampton Downs reserves the right to deny you track access should you not be following the required policies.

Groups briefing times are as follows.

  • Yellow & Green - briefing at 8:15am (room to be advised at sign in)
  • Blue & Red - briefing at 8:45am (room to be advised at sign in)

(Briefing times are subject to change at HD discretion)

Track time:

Track time commences promptly at 9:00am, starting with the Yellow group followed by Blue, Green, and then Red. Your session times may alter due to incidents and other circumstances which are beyond our control. Please refer to our full policy document for further information.


Please make sure you have read all the policies & terms and conditions. It’s up to you to ensure you have read them and agree to them. If you have any issues with any of the information in this document or with any of the terms, conditions and polices you have been presented with by Hampton Downs Moto Experience Days, please raise them with a Hampton Downs team member so they can alleviate your concerns. Hampton Downs assumes that you agree to all policies and information and are prepared to abide by the policies, terms and conditions contained therein.

Track Information:

Hampton Downs Motorsport Park, Hampton Downs Road, Te Kauwhata, New Zealand. Enter through gate 1, follow the blue line through gate 2 to the main office. Fuel is not available at the track - to ensure a stress-free day, please fill up before you arrive. Please bring your Motorcycle License with you. It will be checked on the day and you must hold a valid full motorcycle license or Motorcycle NZ competition license.

Please contact our office with any enquiries on + 64 9 280 6504 or email experiences@hamptondowns.com.