HD Moto Camera Policy

Filming Policies:

1. All camera mountings must be securely mounted and meet manufacturer specifications. No duct tape, bungee cords or other temporary mounts (this includes suction cup mountings).  

2. All cameras must be mounted to NOT create a hazard to the rider or other riders in the event of a crash or collision.

3. It is the responsibility of the rider to ensure the camera is secured via a manufacturer specification bracket and tether. If the camera has a plastic case this must be shut securely with a cable/zip tie holding the case shut. Even though the camera mounting is scrutineered, there is no responsibility accepted by HDMP re any loss of camera, damage to the camera, or damages to your own or other people’s property resulting from the loss of a camera.

4. Cameras can be mounted on motorcycles only. No cameras attached to helmets and / or any other parts of the rider’s body. There are to be no cables or other attachments between the motorcycle and rider.

5. All cameras and mounts must be scrutineered with the motor cycle on the morning of the event, or before being used in the rider's first session.

6. Any footage released publicly that is deemed inappropriate to be viewed (such as crashes and / or situations resulting in serious injuries to participants) and / or footage that is considered damaging to the venue, promoter or industry, could result in the banning of the rider from future Hampton Downs HD Moto Days.

In the event of a camera falling off your bike please note the following:

1. Should your camera fall off during a session, it is unlikely the camera will survive the fall – DO NOT attempt to stop during your riding session.

2. We cannot and will not stop the day to look for a camera.

3. Cameras will most likely only be found if they are lying on the track. Should the camera fall into the infield or outfield, it is unlikely to be recovered.

4. There is NO track access to the circuit once the day has completed at 5pm to search for missing cameras.

5. Should your camera be recovered, you must be able to identify your camera easily. This would be best accomplished by having your name inscribed on it. This will clarify the owner of cameras found on track (there may be multiple cameras found during the day).