HD Auto Technical Guidelines Checklist

Technical Inspection Guidelines for your HD Auto Track Day


Tyres are one of the most critical safety aspects on your vehicle. It is very important to check your tyres before you head out on the track. Make sure you have enough tread to last the whole track day and make sure you don’t forget to check the inside edges of your tyres. The inner edge of tyres on some vehicles are prone to edge wear. One more thing to check is your tyre pressures. Please check these are at a suitable tyre pressure for the day. Please note, not all tyres/cars will have the same tyre pressures.


Brakes are an important item on your car and most people who are new to track days overlook the necessity of having good brakes. Make sure you check that your brakes have enough pad life to last the day. Also check that your brake rotors are healthy and don’t have any visible cracks.  

Fluid Levels

Makes sure you check all fluid levels and make sure they are topped up. It always pays to carry some extra brake fluid with you on your track days just in case you require it.

Convertible vehicles

If you are bringing a convertible to any of our HD Auto / Full Throttle track days, please ensure that it is properly fitted with a factory or after-market roll over hoop. Any convertible vehicles without a rollover hoop will be refused track access.

Other things to check

  • Check the wheel nuts on your vehicle and make sure they are tight.
  • Make sure your battery is secure.
  • Make sure your towing ions are in place in case you end up off the track and require recovery.
  • Make sure there are no loose body parts on your vehicle.