Club Circuit

The 1.2km Club circuit has its own infrastructure, including pit area, a race control and viewing deck, the track consists of five corners with an average lap time of around 42 seconds.

It is a challenging and technical circuit which puts both man and machine, whether you’re a drifter, car or bike racer, through their paces at every point.

1. Fosters Hairpin
The openness of the entry to Fosters means that there a are couple of lines through it creating a real passing opportunity into the Fosters Hairpin. This is a tight right-hand hairpin that most will take in second gear which seems open at the entry but then tightens as you pass the apex.

2. Kev’s Carousel
With a short run between Fosters and Kev’s, this one can catch you out and with a few different lines through this corner, it’s not as standard as it might first appear. With a good amount of camber through the corner, it will allow a driver to carry a reasonable amount of speed through it and make use of the exit as it opens up.

3 & 4. Swampy Curves

This section will be one of the big talking points. It looks like a fairly standard sweeper but the entry is tighter than it looks and straight away it begins to open up. Then just when you think you can go hard on the gas it kinks ever so slightly into a tight nark which is going to catch a few people out. This is a corner that will separate the men from the boys.

5. GT Radial Corner

To be able to carry the speed onto the short Pit Straight and get a pass done at Fosters, GT Radial Corner is very important on such a short lap. You need to run in quite deep and use the width on the exit to get on the throttle early for the run up the Pit Straight. Getting your exit from the last corner right is the key to a quick lap around the GT Radial Club track.

June 28, 2018

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