Events Policy

We, at Hampton Downs, look forward to welcoming you to our World Class facility. Whilst having you here is great, we would ask that you read the following policies and that you respect the venue, use it, don’t abuse it.

Access – Venue access is to be via the following points:

Day to Day events - Renters will enter via GATE 2

Major Race events - competitors will enter via GATE 1; Spectators will enter via GATE 1 or GATE 3; VIP, Corporate, Industrial Unit and Apartment owners will enter via GATE 1.

National Track events – enter via GATE 1

Club Track events – enter via GATE 1

Alcohol – Beer and wine are available for purchase from the public bars on events. No alcohol is permitted to be brought onto the property and there may be bag and vehicle search's at the entry gates. The New Zealand Sales and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 governs sale, supply and consumption of alcoholic beverages. The Act requires that all individuals consuming alcohol do so responsibly while maintaining orderly conduct. Bringing alcohol onto the property is prohibited unless prior written permission is given by Hampton Downs.

Asphalt – Please look after it. If you must temporarily jack a vehicle on asphalt, you must have metal or wood jacking plate under the jack and axle stands.

When refueling in the paddock use a drip pan to catch spilled fuel. Any fuel spills on pit road must be immediately diluted or soaked up with spill kit located at each end of the pit lane and under the starters gantry.

Pounding pegs or making holes in any asphalt surface or the use of paint or spray markings of any type on any asphalt surface is prohibited. Offenders will be held liable for all damages and may be ejected.



Bicycles – Children are NOT permitted to ride bikes, roller blades, skates, skateboards and scooters or similar in the Paddock at any time. Parents / Guardians will be held responsible for children in the Paddock and Pit area at all times.

Barbeques and Cook outs –Large scale barbequing (i.e. series get-togethers or club meets) is not permitted at Hampton Downs without approval from the Hampton Downs circuit management. Individual cooking is allowed on a gas stove or on a grill in the paddock and at campsites. Grills and pit cookers must be used for personal use only. Cooking in the Paddock area must be approved by Hampton Downs circuit management.

Please: No cooking of any form is permitted with in the pit garages.

Camping on event – Hampton Downs and Highlands Members are entitled to camp at Hampton Downs at no charge. Camping passes must be displayed at all times. Further, camping will be allowed during Events only if Renter pays Hampton Downs camping fees. The amount of security needed for overnight camping is at Hamptons discretion. Camping is not permitted in any other Hampton Downs areas, including Pit garages. All camping must be pre-booked via the Hampton Downs website. Pricing will include a berth and entry ticket (unless otherwise stated). For detailed information about Camping options available please contact the Hampton Downs office on

Campfires – Campfires/Ground fires are not permitted. Open fires of any type are not permitted at Hampton Downs at any time.

Canopies – Tents, Gazebos or “EZ-Ups” will not be placed in front of any tent or facility designated as a hospitality area. Additionally, they will not be placed within 5 metres of any fence in a spectator area unless a specific spectator area has been roped off. In this case, tents, gazebos or “EZ-Ups” can be placed anywhere outside of the roped-off spectator viewing area and need to be weighted or tied down.

Cars & Motorcycles –No one under 16 years of age may operate a car or motorcycle anywhere on Hampton Downs premises without Hampton Downs prior written approval. In addition, anyone operating a car or motorcycle must have a valid license and liability insurance, as required by NZ law. There may be special exceptions to this rule for MSNZ licensed competitors.

Catering – All Food vending and bulk catering must be supplied by a Hampton Downs Approved caterer. If you have a specific request in regarding to providing your own catering for an event, please contact Hampton Downs prior to the event.

Children – Children under16 years of age must be closely supervised by a responsible adult. Due to MSNZ rules children under 16 years are not permitted in the designated Pit garage area or on Pit Lane.

Disposal of Waste Fluid and Environmental Debris – Use of the waste drums is mandatory for used oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, and other polluting material. These are located behind the Pits near the Assembly Grid area and the Medical Centre. Spillages will not be tolerated and may result in ejection from the facility. Participants must remove all used tires, batteries and unwanted parts. Environmental debris left behind will result in fines to the Renter or Competitor.

Drones - All drone operators are required to submit a flight plan and number along with a safety plan 3 weeks prior to the events. The necessary Hampton Downs RPAS (Drone) Usage Application form needs to be completed no less than 5 days prior to the event you wish to film. Hampton Downs requires a copy of your liability insurance certificate when applying.

Fences – All fences and areas beyond spectator fences are off limits to the public. At no time is anyone authorised to climb a fence or bypass a gate.

Fireworks – Fireworks are prohibited anywhere on the grounds.

Fuel – Hampton Downs has no onsite fuel facility, Gull has a self-service fuel station across the road. All bulk fuel needs to be stored in the designated fuel area, please contact Hampton Downs circuit management for this location. There is no storage of any fuel in the garages except on race events and all competitors must comply with the MSNZ Storage of Fuel regulations.

Garages – Hampton Downs has 32 Pit Lane Garages on site. During race events the area directly behind the Pit Lane garages must NOT have any vehicles parked behind them, this is both for Health and Safety and to also allow for spectators to get viewing access to the garages as this is part of the event they come to see. Competitors take full responsibility for securing the Pit Lane garages at night. All garages must be left clean and tidy, please use the broom and shovel provided.

Off-Road Areas – The off-road areas within Hampton Downs are not authorised for use without prior written approval of Hampton Downs management.

Parking Areas – Vehicle parking at Hampton Downs will vary per Event and will be operated/directed by either Event Staff or by Security Personnel. Hampton Downs requests that all Participants, Spectators and Guests obey all posted “No Parking” signs; do not block gates, garage doors or roadways at any time. Hampton Downs reserves the right to ask any vehicle owner in violation to move their vehicle or it will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Pets – Hampton Downs do NOT permit animals on the property.

Photography – All non-commercial photography is allowed at Hampton Downs for Public Events. During track rentals and events, all photographers must sign in at the Circuit Management office prior to beginning the event. On major events, photographers must sign in with the allocated Hampton Downs Media Manager and/or the Hampton Downs Main Office. Photographers are authorised to be inside of specified fences, entering via authorised entry points. At all times inside the fence, photographers will wear their issued vests for identification and remain inside the specified photo boundaries (see Photographers map); failure to do so may result in loss of privileges. Photographers who wish to sell their photos at the track must be approved and identified. If a member of the media or a professional photographer needs photography credentials, they should contact Hampton Downs at least 3 weeks prior to an event at

Pit Lane – Only Participants and Crew are allowed to enter Pit Lane. Minors (under 16) are restricted from entering Pit Lane or Pit Lane garages, unless they are a certified competitor in their racing vehicle or during scheduled Spectator events on Pit Lane. Refueling on Pit Lane is only permitted during scheduled racing events. Painting, writing or fixing advertising hoardings on pit lane and pit wall is prohibited. Speed limit in Pit Lane is 40km/h at all times.

Powered equipment – Any electrically powered equipment must have been Tested and Tagged prior to being brought and used at Hampton Downs. Any piece of equipment must have an approved and in date test tag attached to it. Any equipment that is found to be in use and is not tested will be unplugged immediately. Hampton Downs does not offer a Test and Tag service so please ensure that you get your equipment checked before you get here otherwise you won’t be able to use it.

Right of Way – Drivers of any non-racing vehicle will give way to any Race Vehicle at all times on Hampton Downs property. Due to the constraints of safety equipment and vehicle design, drivers of racing vehicles may have limited visibility or mobility while operating their vehicle. Operators of racing vehicles must still obey posted speed limits and any other traffic control devices to include instructions from Event Staff or Security Personnel.

Smoking – Smoking in any Hampton Downs building is strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated. Smoking is not permitted in pit lane or the area directly behind. Smoking is only allowed at the designated smoking area near the Pavilion.

Speed Limits – Speed limit in the Paddock area is 15km/h. Off-road vehicles are subject to these limits also while moving outside the Off-road course. All vehicles must report to the office on arrival. Pit Lane speed limit is 40km/hat all times.

Starters Tower – The Starters Tower is for authorised personnel only.

Track Hours – Winter: 8.00am– 4.30pm. Summer: 8.00am –7.00pm

Track quiet hours– Race engines must not be started between the hours of:

Winter 7.30pm – 7.30am

Summer 8.30pm – 7.30am

Trailer Parking – Trailer parking is in the designated area only, (please refer to the site map) no trailers are permitted in the paddock /pit area.

If you have any questions about any of the above policies or any other matters, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or phone (09) 280 6504