Auto Addicts

Apr, 2021
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Auto Addict is the ultimate Sunday session for car enthusiasts. If you are passionate about burning rubber and keen to get your car out on the Hampton Downs Circuit, the skidpan and/or the burn out pad, this is the event for you.

It’s the Sunday fix for Auto Addicts!

The activities on offer include HD Burnout Pad, National Circuit Drifting, Track Cruise, and Wet Skid Pan Gymkhana. Auto Addict events also coincide with our monthly car show Caffeine and Gasoline. Add Go karts and hot laps into the mix and it’s the perfect FIX.

Gates Open 7.30am. Book your spot online to avoid disappointment!



A rare chance to drift the old HD drift circuit, from turn two to five on the National Circuit. You’ll get four 20 minute sessions at the following times 9am, 11am, 1pm and 3pm. All participants get free access to a pit garage. Limited numbers.

Minimum Personal Protection Equipment requirement for both driver and passenger is helmet and neck restraint – 4 point harness and above triggers HANS or equivalent. Lap & Diagonal seat belt triggers donut neck brace. A minimum of a single layer fire retardant suit required for both drivers and passengers. Passengers only allowed in cars with full roll cage.

No roll cage required unless you have a passenger in your vehicle.

Price: $149

Capacity: 30

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Go up against the best Burn Out cars on the Club Circuit Burn Out Pad.
Pad opens at 9am and closes at 4pm. Guaranteed three runs. Conditions apply regarding passengers. Helmet required.

Price: $69

Capacity: 80

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Get sideways in your own car on our wet skidpan. The main concrete skidpan will be open to all comers, who will have access to three sessions throughout the day. Two minute skid then off – rejoin the queue when ready. Passengers are allowed. Helmets and foam donuts are minimum safety requirements.

Price: $69

Capacity: 40

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Cruise a couple of laps of the racetrack behind our safety car with family and friends in the car with you. This is a controlled speed session. There will be four opportunities to cruise the track – 9.30am, 11.30am, 1.30pm and 3.30pm. Your entry fee gets you access to all four cruise sessions.

Price: $99

Capacity: 100

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