Sponsorship Opportunities

With exceptional convention and hospitality facilities on site, the flexibility Hampton Downs offers is unparalleled in New Zealand.

This entertainment venue reflects a modern approach to circuit design and associated amenities. The pits have extensive garaging with corporate boxes above, while a tunnel entrance will allow for unimpeded access at all times to the infield pit area. There are also industrial units to support the Motorsport Park activities.

The venue itself is a feast of bustling activity, including a paintball arena, SAS Confidence Course, archery and skeet shooting. There’s driver training and safety seminars for cars and bikes, race-simulated ‘hot lap’ experiences, sports grounds and facilities, a karting circuit, and a motorsport museum complimenting the surrounding business park, hospitality and retail outlets.

The management team at Hampton Downs have extensive previous experience in international sporting, entertainment and hospitality events.
The team are crafting the entire Motorsport Park around a strong and proven existing business structure with robust management regimes and strict financial control, promising full marketing and promotional support and the seamless delivery of services to clients and sponsors.

Marketing Opportunities with Hampton Downs Motorsport Park includes:

  • Leveraging the qualities of the Hampton Downs motorsport experience in a prime advertising environment, serving to compliment an entire campaign
  • A specific part of the circuit (corner, straight or bordering hill ) named and branded after a client
  • The potential to be the source of a new campaign
  • Extra media interest with Hampton Downs to be used as a filmset location
  • The utilisation of Hampton Downs as a filmset and location for sporting events, entertainment, conferences, reality television, print media (photo shoots) and music television (MTV)
  • The utilisation of the Hampton Downs experience via TV, Billboard, internet and print advertising

With everyone watching the newest International Circuit for 40 years in New Zealand, it is your ideal opportunity to be seen and associated with this successful Multiplex.

With over 80% of Kiwi's watching or participating in some form of MotorSport, there is no better opportunity to take advantage of the following then at New Zealand premier facility.


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