Skid Pan Experience

Skid Pan Experience

Our purpose built skid pan was completed in October 2010. It has been professionally designed for emergency driving training for both corporate drivers and general public. It is also used for gymkhana's and burn out competitions. The skid pan has water jets and can be run dry or wet and it's 100m x 50m.

There is a regular Gymkhana competition once a month on a Sunday - it is a marked out course including Figure 8s, hand brake turns, controlled drifting and emergency braking will test your skill and your cars handling. It is $30 for 5 timed runs, for more information and dates head to the events calendar

Audi driving experience

As part of signing up for a Hampton Downs based Audi driving experience event, you’ll have the chance to drive on the unique Skid Pan. Under the professional tuition of our competent instructors you’ll perform exercises that will enhance both your safety and your driving pleasure.

Tailored driving sessions provide a testing and exhilarating experience for both entry-level participants and those who require the additional challenge.
Our events provide an excellent opportunity to discover a new appreciation for Audi technology as you push our latest vehicles to their limits. In fact, there’s every chance that the handling dynamics you experience here will spark a lifelong passion!

For more information or to book, please visit or email

BMW Skid Pan Driver Training

We have a number of days available at the new state-of-the-art skid pan at Hampton Downs and are ready to put you through your paces. The programme includes a number of exercises including oversteer, drifting, timed challenges and much more - all in a closed and safe environment. The course is designed to be fun, and focuses on improved skill levels.

Morning or afternoon sessions are available at $250 +GST per session.
Key Points
• Drive your own car and understand its capabilities.
• Easy on cars.
• Develop your car control.
• Be safer in slippery conditions.
• Master the art of power slides.
• Learn skid recovery.
• Get very sideways!
• Skid pan "hot laps" at the conclusion of the session.
• Exclusive use of the skid pan facility.
• Morning or afternoon tea provided.
• Maximum 10 drivers per session.

Each skid pan practical session includes...
• Half and full circle drifting.
• Figure of eight car control.
• 180 degree reverse spins.
• 180 degree forward spins.
• Timed slalom parcour (gymkhana).
• Skid pan HOT LAPS with BMW driving instructor.

Each full-day course is restricted to 20 participants. Dates and details are available on our BMW Driver Training Calendar.

To make a booking or for more information...
• Phone TrackTime on +64 9 585-1134, or
• Phone Mike Eady on 021 982-700, or
• Email TrackTime at

Formula Challenge

Formula Challenge Driver Improvement Programme offers drivers a skid control programme that is a unique driver improvement tool that allows a driver to learn how to recover a vehicle from a skid or slide.
We use only professional instructors for all our skid control programmes. Our on-track instructing team are able give you a level of expertise which translates into real benefits when teaching vehicle control skills.
One of the major benefits of using a skid pan is that they car will always react in the same way as a normal vehicle, allowing drivers to develop skills that can be applied in their own vehicles.
We aim to help each driver understand some of the following points:
• Skid Recognition and Control
• Safer Vehicle Handling
• Grip Limit Identification
• Over Limit Handling
• Emergency Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS) Utilisation
For further information regarding our skid control programmes, please contact Driver Improvement Programmes on 0273 67 68 52.


Let your ‘mis-spent youth’ come out and play on the skid pan at Hampton Downs.  Whether for fun or for safety reasons, the Downforce team are the people to talk to if you’re interested in using this specialised facility. 

For more information please visit
Or contact Tim Martin – 021 340 911 –

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