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Skid Pan

 Our purpose built skid pan was completed in October 2010. It has been professionally designed for emergency driving training for both corporate drivers and general public. It is also used for gymkhana's and burn out competitions. The skid pan has water jets and can be run dry or wet and it's 100m x 50m.

Interesting fact: This skid pan was the single biggest concrete pour in NZ and used 1,887.60 tons of concrete, 26,666 meters of stressing cable, 26 concrete layers and 140 trucks.
For driver training the skid pan is ideal. Often the very first time a driver experiences the feel of ABS or sliding is often in an emergency situation where all too often they have no idea resulting in serious incidents. The experience on a skid pan allows them to be taught how to react in an emergency.
This knowledge and skill will save lives and sooner or later it will become a compulsory part of driver licensing. 
To experience the skid pan please contact these companies:
BMW Driver Training - phone 021 982 700 or email mike.eady@tracktime.co.nz
Playday on Track - phone 021 1330 111 or email playday@playdayontrack.co.nz
Formula Challenge - phone 07 377 0338 or email info@fcr.co.nz
To hire the skid pan please look at our Hire the Track for booking information or call Claire Roberts on (09) 280 6504.

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