Hot Laps

Come and experience a few exhilarating fast laps around Hampton Downs! Feel what it is like to drive the circuit flat out as you and friends can be driven around the famous 2.7km International Circuit by some of the best drivers in the country.  Here are the different routes you can follow to choose the experience of a lifetime!

Hampton Downs Hot Lap Experience

The ride of your life. Experience the Adrenaline Rush as you blast around the 2.7km Hampton Downs race circuit in the passenger’s seat of a Top New Zealand competing race car.


NZV8 Championship Winning Car

• A current NZV8 Race Car with a 5Litre V8 engine reaching speeds of up to 230km/h.


FreemanX Supercars


Take the wheel & drive some of the world’s greatest supercars around Hampton Downs Raceway in Auckland. From Lotus to Ferrari to Lamborghini these exotic car drive experiences will change the way you feel about driving forever.

This is a unique opportunity that 99.9% of people would never get to experience, but now you can! FreemanX Supercars is the only company in the Southern Hemisphere that allows YOU to get behind the wheel and experience driving heaven. See you at the track.


For more information about any of the hot lap experiences please call our Circuit Office on  +64 9 280 6504

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