Driver Training

This is an opportunity for those who wish to develop and enhance their driving skills further in a safe and controlled environment. Please see below for the companies that we highly recommended.

Audi driving experience

A selection of New Zealand’s finest driving locations provide the perfect training grounds for honing your driving skills. Under the professional tuition of our competent instructors you’ll perform exercises that will enhance both your safety and your driving pleasure.

Tailored driving sessions provide a testing and exhilarating experience for both entry-level participants and those who require the additional challenge.
Our events provide an excellent opportunity to discover a new appreciation for Audi technology as you push our latest vehicles to their limits. In fact, there’s every chance that the handling dynamics you experience here will spark a lifelong passion!

For more information or to book, please visit or email

BMW Driver Training

BMW Driver Training is the ultimate practical driving course for improving both confidence and ability. Participants learn to handle a car at speed through a number of exercises, in a closed and safe environment. 

BMW Driver Training is about much more than mastering unexpected situations and honing technical and mental skills, it’s about the exhilaration of a truly memorable experience.
The special day includes:
• The use of our own fleet of M-Spec BMW performance vehicles.
• Practical training from New Zealand’s top internationally trained driving instructors.
• Safe, controlled environment with fully insured vehicles provided.
• ‘Hot Laps’ with an experienced racing driver in BMW’s iconic M3 Sports Car reaching speeds of 240 km/h.
90% of time spent on the track.
Please note: participants must be at least 16 years old with a full, clean New Zealand drivers licence.
The dedicated fleet of BMW performance vehicles includes: 135d, 320d, 335i, 328 Coupe and M3.
Gift vouchers are available.

For more information please email:
or phone: 0508 BMW DRIVE


Learning skills from on a Professional Driver Training course really can be a life-saver!  Be proactive in your approach to road safety with a Downforce driver training course.  With a huge range of technology assisting drivers in their vehicles, specific training is necessary to get the most out of it.  Downforce specialises in Driver Training courses for group bookings, although private, one on one trainings can also be arranged. 

For businesses, ensuring staff members are safe drivers is an increasingly important aspect of Health and Safety in the workplace.  Downforce’s highly skilled Instructors have proven training programs, designed to make drivers more aware, more skilful and safer on the road.

For more information please visit
Or contact Tim Martin – 021 340 911 –

Formula Challenge Driver Improvement Programme

Formula Challenge Driver Improvement Programme is designed to offer private and fleet drivers a well balanced variety of practical and theoretical driving assessment and improvement programmes that allows individuals, no matter what their experience to become a safer person behind the wheel of a vehicle.
We understand that it is impossible to prevent all road accidents, but we aim to provide drivers with the skills and knowledge to be a safer, more responsible person behind the wheel, and in return, this will reduce the possibility of these accidents happening.

In our eyes, the focus of road safety should start with the driver: As a nation, we need to raise the competence of drivers and change New Zealand’s negative driving culture and the best way to do this is by offering enhanced driver improvement programmes.

That is why Formula Challenge Driver Improvement Programmes provide the highest quality:
• Driver training at affordable prices
• Friendly service
• Skilled and experienced consultants
• Safe and controlled environment
Programme Summary
Formula Challenge Driver Improvement Programmes has developed the programmes to follow of progressive steps consisting of the following:
• Fleetsafe driver risk evaluation
• Express 
• Stage 1
• Stage 2
• Stage 3
• SUV On-Road
• 4x4 High and Low Range
• Eco-driving
• Performance Driving
For further information regarding any of our programmes or to discuss how we can meet your specific needs, please contact Driver Improvement Programmes on 0273 67 68 52.


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