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Hampton Downs Motorsport Park has recently won a bid to host a round of the SUPERBIKE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP.

Hampton Downs CEO, Jamie Kett, said it was a fantastic international series and a major sporting and tourism boost for New Zealand.

The SuperBike World Championship has 15 international rounds from late February to mid October. The New Zealand leg will be staged a week after the Phillip Island round in Australia in late February. Each round has four race classes with 140 riders from 27 countries participating.

Mr Kett said that Hampton Downs had negotiated the rights to hold for event from 2010 for a minimum of 3 years. The SuperBike World Championship has a worldwide media audience of more than two billion people.

"The benefits for the Waikato region are huge. Over three years it is expected to bring in about $75million in foreign spending to New Zealand.

This is the first major coup for Hampton Downs and we are very excited.  Coming on the back of the Australian V8 Supercars in Hamilton, the region is firmly established as the Motorsport capital of New Zealand," he said.

Waikato District Council Mayor Peter Harris said the winning of the series was a brilliant opportunity for the region and the Motorsport park. "This is a very popular event and the flow-on effects for the district and the city will be significant.  We will continue to work closely with the park regarding the consent process," he said.


Claude Danis

"My role within the FIM is to ensure the safety and fairness of motorcycle racing throughout the world. I recently meet with Jamie Kett in Qatar to discuss the Hampton Downs Circuit design and the possibility of a round of the SBK World Championship being held there. As long as the circuit satisfies all the safety requirements I would fully support their proposal and I am very excited with the prospects of SBK returning to New Zealand"

Claude Danis


Paolo Flammini

"New Zealand and the Superbike World Championship are old friends.

The Manfield track has been a traditional World SBK venue in the first years of our adventure and riders like Aaron Slight and Simon Crafar have been the protagonists of some of the most beautiful pages in the Superbike World Championship history.

We all at FGSport welcome the Hampton Downs Motorsport Park initiative and look forward to give the Kiwi fans a new opportunity to "touch" the WSBK world."

Paolo Flammini
Chief Executive Officer
Headquarter: Rome
Phone: +39 06 50966403
Fax: +39 06 50966460
Email: paolo.flammini@fgsport.com


Paolo Ciabatti

"It has been a real pleasure to meet with Hampton Downs MotorSport Park representative in Qatar and I really hope that WSBK will be coming soon to NZ."

Paolo Ciabatti
SBK General Manager
Headquarter: Rome
Phone: +39 06 50966403
Fax: +39 06 50966460
Email: paolo.flammini@fgsport.com


Sandra Perry

Sandra Perry MNZ President commented that is was a worthwhile experience attending Round One of 2008 World Superbike Championship Round at Losail circuit Qatar to see first hand the huge growth and improvement since the Championships inception in 1988 when New Zealand hosted the inaugural final round at Manfeild.

Motorcycling New Zealand look forward to the event 'returning home' to Hampton Downs in 2010 remembering it was approved by the Federation Internationale Motocyclisme in 1987 as New Zealand's idea.

Sandra Perry
Motorcycling New Zealand
m 021849901
e sandraperry@hotmail.com



Progress Accelerates at Hampton Downs - Dec 08

The sound of heavy earthmoving machinery is reverberating once again on circuit construction at Hampton Downs.

All this is good news for motorsport fans and especially the owners of the new Hampton Downs Motorsport Park who are now able to get on with the final stages of preparing the complex so it can begin to operate. In the last three months the apartments have been finished, water tanks constructed, fibre optic cables installed, electricity lines strung and huge wastewater tanks embedded in the ground. The lifestyle blocks are now ready for titles to be issued and we have named another road into that area, Chris Amon Drive joining Graham McRae Place. The main road into the industrial area is to be called Scott Dixon Drive.

“Provided we have a reasonable lengthy spell of fine weather, we are now taking definite bookings as from June 1. If the weather is really kind to us, we may be able to use the track for some testing etc in May, but unless the weather turns nasty we are confident the national 2.8km version of the circuit will be ready for use as from June 1 2009,” says managing director Tony Roberts.

“After months of heavy rain which exceeded the highest level previously recorded, we are now able to get on with the massive earthworks that form the basis of the whole complex,” says Roberts. “From State Highway 1 which runs alongside a part of the circuit, all you can see is the four now-completed apartment blocks and one lower section of the circuit.

The circuit work now being done is the hub of the whole racing complex – the pits, race control, circuit hairpin and hospitality/pit garages area, which is not so visible from the highway, has to be prepared – and that has meant  literally moving mountains of earth – flattening hills and building up other areas with the fill – to form the basis of the whole complex, culminating in digging out and installing the large under-track tunnel which will lead from the outside of the circuit into the pits and control area. A large twin-road tunnel is under construction by Hynds Pipes Ltd measuring 4.5m x 3.5m, large enough to take trucks in and out and a 2.5m x 2.5m pedestrian tunnel alongside. There are 40 sections of the large tunnel and 20 sections of the pedestrian tunnel. Total weight of over 800 tonnes of concrete!  

Construction of the tunnels begins in mid December and completes in February, then the track can be laid over the top and the racing circuit surface completed. “Installing the tunnel is not a major project with the machinery on site – it is all the surrounds that will take time – then it’s on to the pit/administration area, the guard rails and tyre barriers to protect this area in particular, and then all the safety mesh fencing along the front straight.  All the Armco barriers are now on-site, as are about half the barriers made from bundles of a total 30,000 tyres.  All this is timed to be ready when we have finished the major earthworks which should be done by the end of December. Then we can start on the rest of the critical areas like the pit-road, its entry and exit, the control tower, and then gradually the 30 pit garages with corporate facilities above them”.

“In February we will start to skim off the pre-load and begin the process of metalling parts of the track, mainly to improve access for the on-site workers who have to install the safety walls, barriers, bundles of tyres and the kerbing and run-off ripple strips. This will also give time for the tarmac to “settle and cure”.  “It is our priority to get the 2.8km national circuit fully operational as a track with all safety barriers and operational features in place by June 1. Then, as weather permits (remembering we are heading into winter again) we will complete the full international circuit,” says Roberts.

 “With a reasonable summer, we are confident that Hampton Downs Motorsport Park will be operational from June 1 – the date for an official opening ceremony will be announced later.” 




November 2008.

Our "Spring Offensive" has been dampened down slightly by the continuing wet weather. However, we did get four days of earthmoving at the end of September and Ross Reid Contractors are back on the job with heavy earthmoving equipment in October. We hope to get ten days of earthmoving a month between now and Christmas and then fine weather from January to March to continue with the construction and track sealing.

The lifestyle blocks have been completed and we are just waiting for the final paperwork to emerge from the various bureaucracies for titling in early November. The lifestyle blocks look superb, with expensive post and rail fencing, new sealed road with flush curbs. Take a drive down Hampton Downs Rd to Graham McRae Place to have a look at these blocks; I’m sure you’ll be impressed. Remember there is still one for sale!

Foster Construction Ltd will complete the final apartment block (Ganley Block) on the 19th November. This is on time and on budget and the workmanship has been to a high standard. Services to the apartments should be complete by the 3rd December.

The contract for Stage 1 of the electrical supply works has been awarded to Ward Chandler Electrical and will be managed by their Hamilton office.  

Work on the twelve industrial units by the main entrance is about to start. The units are situated on Hampton Downs Rd adjacent to the main entrance. Earthworks are nearly complete. The building permit is issued and Fosters intend to start building in November. The units are 247m² and a number are available for lease and one is for sale. Take advantage of these unique units as they have the advantage of being situated within the Motorsport Park and handy to the circuit.



On the other side of the main entrance, construction will begin shortly on the gate house and communications building. This building will service all the communications needs of the Park; act as accommodation for the manager for the rental of the apartments and monitor entry into the Motorsport Park. Hampton Downs Services Ltd will supply electricity, telephone, data, water, waste water, storm water and rubbish collection throughout the Motorsport Park, Business Park and Lifestyle blocks. It will be truly a separate Motorsport village.

The Springhill Corrections facility is now in full production bolting together the tyre barriers and some of the bundles they have produced are being stored in the car park behind the apartments. There are 36,000 car tyres and 11,000 truck tyres being used as barriers around the circuit.

Business Park fill is dependent on earthworks in the track area as excess fill (or cut) from the track area is transferred into that area. Purchasers of land in the Business Park are working on some very exciting plans. A tavern, mixed shops, tourist outlets and restaurants are being planned for the central retail area, with more traditional industrial units and warehousing planned on the other sites that have been sold. Hampton Downs is strategically placed between Auckland and Hamilton and offers huge opportunities to automotive and non automotive industries alike.‘Event News’

Planning for future events is well advanced. The Historic Racing Club has had a great response to their advance notice of the Bruce McLaren Festival in January 2010. A large number of McLaren owners from around the world have indicated that they wish to attend this event with their cars. We will have an all Can-Am grid of sports cars and we expect full fields of F5000, Formula Junior and Tasman Formula cars. The HRC Inc has also had a lot of enquiry from NZ and Australian built specials, so expect some interesting fields.

We have also been approached by a number of World and Asian motor racing series. It’s a case of "build a great facility and they will come"‘Corporate Partners’

The very real business at Hampton Downs is Corporate, from circuit hire to major event entertainment and hospitality. CEO Jamie Kett has 27 years in the Hospitality and Entertainment business and recognised from very early on what an outstanding events and activity facility Hampton Downs will become. Jamie has paired up with Jack Ralston (ex Nike and All Blacks marketing) to put together an exciting corporate package that is simply unrivaled anywhere in New Zealand and amongst only a few in the world in terms of all the unique features that we have to offer. Jack is equally enthusiastic and brings years of experience working around the globe with some of the world’s leading brands ‘The Family of Six’

When putting together the group of six corporate partners, the first challenge was to identify categories of international brands that would not only be instantly recognisable but also compliment each other. Too often this aspect is missed and you have conflict amongst your very important corporate partners. These partners not only benefit from corner signage and hospitality suites but from the very real synergies that exist between their respective companies. In short they will end up as business allies, which is a great result for all.

It was also very important that these partners brought a range of products and services that best represented what Hampton Downs is all about.

‘Entertainment & Hospitality’ We went to the NZ market place and identified who were the very best in their respective areas and who was also an internationally recognised brand. We are now in final negotiations with our key corporate partners and when finalised we will have an official launch.

Audio/Visual Technology

Fashion & Clothing

Hospitality - Alcoholic Beverages

Hospitality - Non Alcoholic Beverages

Hospitality - Celebration Wine & Spirits

Hospitality - Catering

The flow on from having such successful key corporate as partners with Hampton Downs will flow on to our facility users at all levels, Not only will you benefit from having the very best products and services available, but you will also have direct lines of contact with these partners to build your own relationships. A real "Win Win" situation.‘Hospitality’

There are many facets to Hampton Downs hospitality, from restaurants, bars and café’s to the very best in corporate catering. The first part of the hospitality activity at Hampton downs will be the opening of the Motor Lodge early next year. The Motor Lodge is made up of apartments that have been put into the pool by owners who do not wish to live on site and would like to realise a return from their investment whilst at the same time enjoying the benefits of trackside viewing for a wide range of events. The Motor Lodge will attract a wide range of users from circuit and corporate hirers to sports teams making use of the excellent team building activities on offer. The Motor Lodge will be administered by a management couple who will live on site to ensure that the very best levels of service and occupancy are maintained at all times. Apartment owners will soon be contacted to confirm their apartment status and to discuss booking processes.

Hampton Downs Update September 08

Well it’s been the wettest winter in 10 years, but we have not been idle at Hampton Downs and we didn’t flood! The midnight oil has been burnt and much has progressed on many fronts to keep things on track (excuse the pun!).

The track preload has worked a treat and the results are as the Geotechnical Engineers predicted. Settlement has now flattened out after six months and the preload can be removed in the next few months. Ross Reid Ltd are preparing for a huge ‘Spring Offensive’ of earthworks as soon as the ground is dry enough to be worked. 

155,000 nuts and bolts have arrived from Canada for the assembly of the tyre barriers by the Springhill Corrections facility. The inmates are enjoying the work and we already have a quantity of tyres barriers bolted together. 

Idac Construction Ltd, who are building the extensive concrete barrier systems and the track kerbing have laid a smooth concrete pad on site to pour over 2000 tonnes of concrete to form these items. Two container loads of Armco barriers have arrived from China to be used for the protection of the club circuit buildings and the bridge on the back straight.

Hynds Pipes Ltd has come on board with naming rights to Turn One and have finalised the design of the twin tunnels and pedestrian access under the front straight. These are mighty structures weighing over 700 tonnes and will begin construction next month for installation beginning before Christmas.

Datacom Ltd has won the contract for the communications package to service all the diverse needs of Hampton Downs, from the managed apartments to the requirements of 400 journalists at major events and the CCTV into the control tower.

Jack Ralston, Business Development Manager, has been working with CEO, Jamie Kett, to achieve a ‘Family of Six’ major sponsor for Hampton Downs. This group is at final agreement stage and will be announced in the near future.

Business Park sales have progressed through the middle of winter, with eight of the twenty lots now sold. Several of the purchasers are working on design concepts for multiple units, hotel, restaurants and cafes on their lots.

The Rural Lifestyle blocks are now completed and are awaiting the titles to come through. Graham McRae Place has its official Council road sign and Graham was ‘chuffed’ to see ‘his’ road just before flying out to the USA as Patron to the Watkins Glen F5000 race meeting.

The Apartment blocks are rapidly reaching completion, with titles expected to issue in November for Chris Amon block, to be followed by all the others in December and January. The optional furniture package has impressed many people and is certainly a convenient way to move into a fully furnished apartment. The managed apartment scheme will commence in January 2009 and there is already interest in renting apartments next year. 


The well known Britomart Pavilion is to locate to Hampton Downs. The 600 square metre Pavilion will be a welcome addition to the grassy plateau adjacent to the Corporate Hospitality Suites and will have a variety of uses from sophisticated Convention Centre, reception area and new car launches.

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