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Sloan Frost and Amy Vincent
MotoHD co-ordinator Amy Vincent and Brand Ambassador Sloan Frost
MotoHD delivers motorbike enthusiasts unprecedented access to all circuits at Hampton Downs - including the International Grand Prix circuit at least once a year. This brand new initiative will enable motorcyclists from across the country to experience the exceptional at Hampton Downs International Motorsport Park.

MotoHD offers regular and affordable access to track days specifically designed for motorbike fanatics! You will safely enjoy the excitement of riding on one of Australasia’s premier motor racing circuits while relaxing off track with other aficionados of the sport. 

Here’s how the track days will work…..

Riders will typically be split into three or four groups on these days which takes into account the different speeds of riders: slow, medium, fast and race. Track gates will open at 7.30am with the first session at 9am. 20 minute sessions will then run throughout the day. Sessions will be developed based on the different levels of rider ability so you always feel comfortable on track. 

Here’s what it costs and how to subscribe

A MotoHD FULL DAY WILL COST $145 + $25 Health & Safety Levy

You must first register and pay a $50 annual registration fee.

Your registration will get you the following:

  • Your personalised MotoHD Card which will give you access to all MotoHD track days and after your 15 minutes induction on day one, it will be your licence to ride here at Hampton Downs.
  • Access to end of year MotoHD BBQ
  • Priority booking window for all new MotoHD track days before they are announced publicly
  • 10% discount off Hampton Downs Go Karts
  • Regular updates via MotoHD Newsletter

Upcoming MotoHD Track Dates are as follows:
Sunday 3rd July 
Sunday 17th July
Sunday 4th September
Thursday 15th September
Friday 7th October 

Click Here to sign up and book your first MotoHD experience now!

Hampton Downs MotoHD Co-ordinator Amy Vincent can be contacted on events@hamptondowns.com or 09 280 6504 if you have any queries.

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