Sustainability Policy

Hampton Downs is committed to policies and practices that support the sustainability of the environment.
We have implemented many initiatives to decrease our carbon footprint and ensure the longevity of the environment. We are the first Carbon Neutral Track in New Zealand.

Some of our initiatives are as followed:

•Hampton Downs has a low-carbon strategy
• Ensuring that Vehicle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are reduced
• We aim to balance our Carbon footprint
• Researching alternative and cleaner fuels to enhance fuel economy
• We utilize clean technologies
• Have implemented recycling initiatives to decrease land fill by providing dual bins with a recyclable option to enable everyone to separate organic and inorganic wastes
• We have planted over 10,000 trees on the property and set up a 'donate a tree' initiative
• Hampton Downs has a waste cleaning plant to ensure pure water and decreases the impact of freight
• We have planted 80,000 native plants to ensure the preservation, bio-diversity and enhancement of the vegetation, local wildlife and bird life regeneration
• Hampton Downs is extensively researching the use of wind power
• From a social perspective, whenever possible we use, support and employee local suppliers
• Energy conservation is aided by thermal insulation, energy efficient long life light blubs the use of gas ovens and hobs.
•All cleaning materials used at Hampton Downs are non-toxic and biodegradable
• Hampton Downs is producing a wild life board walk to educate the public on native flora, fauna and local wildlife

We have also initiated a Donate a Tree Scheme and Hampton Downs Garden Club. Please see below for more information or click here to donate.


Looking into the future:
Hampton Downs is an environmentally aware complex and the Motorsport Park is an ideal platform from which to launch a socially and environmentally focused education and awareness program. There is ample opportunity to create a highly marketable yet altruistic venture that serves to benefit both brand value and consumer perception. By integrating the race circuit’s environmental monitoring equipment with external data sources Hampton Downs will create the basis for an exciting and fully interactive web-based educational program for students around the world.


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